The Next Rainbow Six Siege Event Brings a Cyberpunk Aesthetic

The Next Rainbow Six Siege Event Brings a Cyberpunk Aesthetic

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While the world awaits Cyberpunk 2077 this November, Rainbow Six Siege has jumped the queue and brought players some cyberpunk-infused action now. Beginning today, the limited-time event M.U.T.E. Protocol will introduce a host of new cosmetics and a twist on one of the game's most popular settings. 

Taking place on the Tower map in the Secure Area game mode, M.U.T.E. Protocol reimagines the hypercompetitive world of Rainbow Six Siege as a futuristic dystopia full of bright colors and an obsession with gadgets - admittedly, that was already present beforehand. You can see a trailer below.

The mode will play out in 5v5 matches with 41 Operators to choose from. A short list of Operators are barred from selection for gameplay reasons related to their various abilities which would not mesh with the game mode. That list includes: Twitch, Thatcher, Mozzie, Mute, Maestro, Valkyrie, Dokkaebi, Echo, Goyo, Clash, Montagne, Blitz and Caveira. 

The game mode differs from other rounds of Secure Area thanks to a unique mechanic Ubisoft calls "Morphing." With it, attacking players can swap between their Operator forms and Drone forms using Observation Tools. Meanwhile, defenders can use bulletproof cameras to move through the map like ghosts in the machine.

In total, 26 cosmetic items are up for grabs in the two-week event, including exclusive customizations for Jackal, Lion, Ying, Kapkan, Mira, Mute, Oryx and Vigil. M.U.T.E. Protocol will run through August 17.


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