TombStar Is a New Shooter from the Creator of Crossy Road

TombStar Is a New Shooter from the Creator of Crossy Road

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When you're known for a massive series like Crossy Road, your next game is going to get some attention. That's the case with TombStar, a new fast-paced shooter set in a sci-fi western mash-up world. 

TombStar comes from Andy Sum, creator of mobile hit Crossy Road, as well as Australian developer Marcus Grambau. In a press release, the team promises "tough, bullet hell gunplay and winding procedural exploration, as you delve deeper and deeper into the dangerous and mysterious TombStar system."

TombStar is inspired by Saturday morning cartoons of the late '80s, and seems equally inspired by a bygone era of intimidating level design. You can see the colorful top-down shooter in action in the reveal trailer here.

Though the game isn't due out until 2021 on PC and unspecified consoles, interested players can get in on a beta exclusively on Steam. It will unfold later this year and sign-ups are now open.  The retro-inspired shooter is being published by No More Robots, which has seemed quite selective with its projects. It also has a very strong track record featuring past hits like Descenders and Yes, Your Grace as well as other promising upcoming titles such as the Breaking Bad-inspired Family Man.


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