EA Access Page Has Appeared on Steam

EA Access Page Has Appeared on Steam

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EA Access is creeping closer to a full release on Steam. 

A page for EA Access has appeared on Steam. The page states that the service will soon come to the storefront. It states that gamers can follow EA on Steam in order to be notified as soon as the service is available. No release date or window was given, though it should release soon as fall is inching closer. 

A large number of titles will be available to play through EA Access. Games shown on the EA Access Steam page included Titanfall 2, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Gamers will be able to unlock exclusive challenges and rewards, members-only content, and early trials of new releases. They also receive 10% off on all EA digital purchases made on Steam, which includes games downloads, Season Passes, point packs, and DLC. 

One of the main features of EA Access is the ability to play select games published by EA before they release. Gamers can try new titles for up to ten hours before the game releases. Since players will be trying out the actual game, and not a demo, all of their progress will carry over should they decide to purchase the game after their trial is over. 

Earlier this year it was announced that a large number of EA games would make their way over to Steam that would be available through EA Access. According to EA at the time, EA Access is meant to be part of Steam sometime this summer. The service was meant to release onto Steam this past spring, but was delayed to summer instead. 

EA Access is currently available on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The service costs $4.99 for a month, or $29.99 for a year. The service is available for PC as Origin Access. 

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