Frostpunk's Third and Final Expansion Arrives Next Week

Frostpunk's Third and Final Expansion Arrives Next Week

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Frostpunk, the icy post-apocalyptic city builder, is getting a third and final expansion next week as part of the season pass. It will introduce new mechanics in an update called On The Edge coming August 20 to PC.

In the game's swansong content pack, themes revolve around "trust and loyalty," said the team behind the game.

Assigned as the leader of a newly formed Outpost — settled near a newly-found Army Warehouse — you are kept on New London's leash and bound to transfer all your precious findings to headquarters. At the same time, you have to rely on scarce food deliveries and laws enforced by your supervisor. It's a delicate balance to navigate — each decision introduces new potential risks and unknowns. But as soon as an alternate food source is discovered by your scouts, you start to think about surviving on your own.

After that, you discover other settlements are out in the frosty wilds too, allowing players to gain their trust and build trade relationships with them. Only then might you be able to free yourself from under New London's influence. On The Edge includes a number of new features, such as player-driven choices regarding how and with whom you build alliances, new missions like fulfilling other settlements' requests, and 16 brand new locations to explore, as well as the ability to revisit past locations to see the aftermath of The Great Storm.

Frostpunk earned a "Mighty" average on OpenCritic, with 98 critics giving it an 86 average. Its desolate setting and story comes from the team behind This War of Mine, a similarly bleak post-war game where players' choices are never easy. 

Frostpunk: On The Edge will be available Aug. 20th, 2020 on PC via Steam,, and Humble Store

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