The Next Fortnite Season Brings More Marvel Crossovers

The Next Fortnite Season Brings More Marvel Crossovers

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When Fortnite's third season ends this week, a new one will, of course, begin right after. After some rumors, Epic has confirmed that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 will be themed all around Marvel Comics, including a strong hint that Thor will take center stage in the Battle Pass.

Last week, Fortnite insiders started reporting whispers that the Marvel crossovers would be returning to Epic's huge battle royale game, including the inclusions of three characters specifically: Thor, Wolverine, and Galactus. Though we haven't yet received confirmation of the latter two metahumans coming to the Fortnite island, in-game content such as readable comic books confirm Thor has found the Fortnite gang.

So far, the in-game comic has been adding pages on a daily bases, two at a time. As this run-up started over the weekend, there are already several pages to read if you're into either Marvel or Fortnite. To access them you simply load the game and look for the in-game prompts. The story is incomplete at the time of writing, but it should be complete no later than the 27th when Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 begins.

This isn't the first time Marvel and Fortnite have mutually promoted each other in this way. Most famously, it was Thanos who first arrived years ago as promotion for the conclusion to Marvel's Avengers storyline. Since then, we've seen other heroes come to the game as well, such as Captain America. DC Comics has gotten in on the action as well, including Batman, Harley Quinn, and this season's Battle Pass inclusion of Aquaman. This fall, a new Last Laugh cosmetic pack will introduce two more DC villains to the Fortnite multiverse in Joker and Poison Ivy. 

As for Wolverine and other heroes who may show up in Chapter 2 Season 4, we can't say for sure just yet, but the Battle Passes are known to pack several secrets into every season, so don't be surprised to see at least one more familiar face become unlockable over the next few months.

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