The Special Edition for Supermassive's Little Hope Comes with a Cursed Doll

The Special Edition for Supermassive's Little Hope Comes with a Cursed Doll

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When Little Hope launches this fall, just in time for Halloween, the biggest fans can grab a special edition which includes the same cursed doll from the story. 

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second game in Supermassive's horror anthology series which began with last year's aquatically spooky Man of Medan. It's due out just in time for Halloween this year and horror fans who elect for a physical version will get more than just the game for their $60. 

Included in the game's Special Edition is a bevy of additional frights including a steelbook with four disc slots for past and future entries in The Dark Pictures, as well as a 15 cm replica of "Mary's Ragdoll," an undoubtedly cursed object that no rational person should want in their home. So, naturally, fans will buy them up.

The Special Edition is limited to Xbox One and PS4 copies. If instead you're interested in a digital version, those have now gone up for pre-order on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam storefronts. 

It's interesting to note that the Special Edition includes a steelbook for four discs and not three, given that it was originally reported that Supermassive had signed a three-game deal with Bandai Namco to publish games in The Dark Pictures Anthology.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan kicked off the series to middling reception, garnering a 71 average, or "Fair," here on OpenCritic from 122 critics. The next game, Little Hope moves the game from the deep ocean to central Massachusetts to tell a story inspired by the Salem Witch Trials. It arrives just in time for Halloween on October 30.


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