Respawn's Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Debuts a New Trailer

Respawn's Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Debuts a New Trailer

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After a hot streak including the stealth launch of Apex Legends and bailing out EA with a stellar Star Wars game, Respawn's next game, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has plenty of hype around it. From Gamescom Live, the team revealed a new trailer and other details on its VR-exclusive revival of a classic military shooter franchise.

The trailer dives into what players can expect from the story mode, which seems to harken back to the classic Medal of Honor titles of yesteryear, where espionage behind enemy lines played a big role in the cinematic historical shooters before more recent tries at rebooting the series went a more Call of Duty-like route, telling stories of camaraderie in the trenches. In a press release, the team had more to share on what players can expect for tone, story, and more.

"Through VR, players will be transported into the boots of a combat engineer who is recruited to join the OSS -- Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the modern CIA created to conduct espionage and sabotage behind enemy lines during WWII. Alongside a cast of new and returning characters from throughout the Medal of Honor franchise, players will experience missions that will take them from Tunisia to across Europe, participating in some of the biggest moments of the war." 

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is being developed with Oculus in mind, though the game has not yet been confirmed for both Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest, despite the suggestion at the end of the trailer.

However, the team behind the game says to tune into Facebook Connect on September 16 to find out more on the game, so it seems likely we'll get platforms confirmed then, among other new details.

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