Following Fan Backlash, Madden 21 Patch Addresses Several On-Field Issues

Following Fan Backlash, Madden 21 Patch Addresses Several On-Field Issues

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Madden NFL 21 is now available, but its players and critics alike have been mostly let down by the title thus far. Aside from The Yard, an exciting new mode, Madden has needed some attention, and so it's getting some.

In a new blog post, the team at EA Tiburon has laid out several fixes in a new patch as well as details on what's still to come to satisfy the game's massive player base. The team also referenced the positive reception to The Yard, which has so far been the game's glimmer of awesomeness in an otherwise lackluster launch.

Hey Madden fans,

Madden NFL 21 launched worldwide last Friday and we appreciate the millions of players already exploring the game’s new features. Early excitement for The Yard has been great and we’re happy to see so many enjoy a new way to play inspired by backyard football[...]As our Executive Producer Seann Graddy mentioned on Friday, Madden NFL is a live service and longtime players know that launch is just the start of the annual Madden journey. We deploy regular updates after launch to tune gameplay based on your feedback, all while continuing to evolve the broader game with new content and experiences.

Some of the fixes that came with the patch include UI bugs, visual elements missing or disappearing, the final removals of the former Washington Football Team insignia and logos, and fixed a loading screen error which kept fans waiting for much longer than normal. 

Additionally, another patch is en route for the start of the NFL season, which kicks off next week on September 10. Though the full notes aren't out yet, the patch addresses a number of on-field issues related to pass rushing, defensive coverage, throwing under pressure, tackling and more. You can read the full notes at the game's website

Madden NFL 21 launched on Friday, August 28 to poor reviews. It currently has a 64 average with just 13% of critics on site recommending the game.

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