Big Yeetus is Coming to Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout

Big Yeetus is Coming to Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout

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A new obstacle is on the way for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

On Twitter, developer Mediatonic tweeted about a new mechanic coming to Fall Guys: Big Yeetus. Big Yeetus is a giant hammer that will randomly appear on some maps. In the tweet, a GIF plays showing the giant hammer appearing. It then knocks a Bean across the map. Lucky for that Bean, it was knocked closer to the maps goal. However, it seems that Big Yeetus will not always be that kind. According to the tweet, Big Yeetus is "Chaotic Neutral. Big Yeetus is not your friend. Big Yeetus is not your enemy." It seems that players may find Big Yeetus to be a big advantage, or a huge detriment depending on where and when it spawns. Mediatonic has not mentioned when Big Yeetus will be added to Fall Guys

It was announced recently that the second Season of Fall Guys will begin later this year. In the trailer that was released in anticipation for the new Season, it was shown that Season 2 will feature a medieval theme. This included new costumes that centered around medieval times. On display were wizards, dragons, and knights. A number of designs and colors were shown to help people make their Beans even more distinct. 

It was also revealed that there will be new levels in Season 2, also based off of the medieval theme. The new levels that were shown in the trailer featured drawbridges, swinging axes, and more. There was also a new gameplay mechanic in the trailer: movable objects. It was shown that Beans will be able to move some objects in order to reach things that were originally out of reach, and be able to traverse the new levels. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. Season 2 will begin sometime in October. 

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