No More Heroes 3 Is Delayed Until 2021

No More Heroes 3 Is Delayed Until 2021

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In a lengthy message to fans of Twitter, Goichi Suda, aka Suda51, has announced a delay for No More Heroes 3, pushing the game into the new year, 2021. Given that the game was still without a launch date this late into the year, it seemed unlikely that it would ever arrive before January anyway, but now it's official.

Suda cited the "very tough period" 2020 has been for many people and offered his apologies, seemingly to the fact that he didn't have the best news to deliver either. 

"All staff members at Grasshopper have been working as hard as possible[...]but the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have unfortunately proven to be a real body blow to our schedule," the director said. "Now that we have managed to get back on our feet with development, we have decided to focus on prioritizing quality, and to therefore push back the final release date."

Suda said the team will "shoot for a 2021" release, but couldn't offer anything more descriptive than that just yet. It wasn't all bad news, though.

"In other and hopefully better news, we are extremely pleased to announce that Darick Robertson - of The Boys fame, and of whom I am personally a huge fan - will be joining the project to provide illustrations for the game." 

The Boys is the superhero action series currently blowing up on Amazon Prime in its second season. Robertson's artwork for the game can be found on the director's official Twitter account.

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