Control Ultimate Edition Controversy Continues After Some Players Were Accidentally Upgraded

Control Ultimate Edition Controversy Continues After Some Players Were Accidentally Upgraded

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Control Ultimate Edition isn't being given out to players as a free upgrade like many other games heading into the next generation, which has already upset some fans. But it's gotten worse as some players were mistakenly, albeit briefly, upgraded anyway.

Over on ResetEra, players began reporting that their Control Deluxe Edition purchases had given them entitlements to the Control Ultimate Edition, even as 505 Games had stated that this wasn't possible due to how the game would appear on the store.

The move was a happy surprise for affected players, but it was short-lived. Not long after players began reporting they had access to the new all-in-one $40 package of Control, access was revoked to return the store items to their intended state.

This move seemed to reveal that purchasers of the other editions of Control could in fact get the Ultimate Edition despite 505's previous statements on the matter. Suffice it to say, players have only grown more frustrated with the publisher's mixed messaging. They have yet to release a new statement on this current chapter of the controversy.

It's not so much that players expected a free upgrade to the Ultimate Edition, but that some expected a complimentary upgrade the next-gen version of Control, but 505 revealed only those players who bought the Ultimate Edition would be granted such an upgrade, meaning Control's biggest fans and earliest adopters are arguably punished for being supportive of the game over a year ago. They're forced to buy the Ultimate Edition if they'd like to enjoy the next-gen improvements to the game, which means they have to weigh buying the game twice on current platforms. 

We'll update this story if Remedy or 505 Games puts out a statement. 

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