Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has Received a Mid-Season Update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has Received a Mid-Season Update

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A new patch is available for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

It was announced that a new patch has released for Fall Guys, and makes a few changes to the game. The patch introduces a number of new round variations to help keep the game fresh until Season 2 begins. Familiar levels will have to be tackled in new ways, as the the patch will add dozens of obstacles, random rotations, and plenty of tumbling fruit. Beans will have to stay on their toes, as they will never know when these changes will occur. 

While Mediatonic is trying to keep these random changes a secret, they did offer a sneak peek at what may come at the Beans. Reliable door patterns on Gate Crash could end up wavey, and turntables could turn the tide in a game of Fall Ball. Those who feel that they have a handle on See-Saw may find that their approach may need to be tweaked. There are also a large number of changes that can happen that players will have to discover for themselves in this new update. 

The new Fall Guys patch will also be making a number of tweaks and hot-fixes to the game. Changes will be made to enhance server stability, VFX improvements will be made, and a lot more as Mediatonic tries to make the game a little smoother. 

Mediatonic also warned that a certain hammer named Big Yeetus is on the way. Big Yeetus was announced earlier this month, and will be a giant hammer that will randomly drop into matches. The hammer can either help Beans, or sabotage them. According to the developer, players will find that Big Yeetus is not a friend, and that it is not their enemy. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. 

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