Ghostrunner, a Cyberpunk-Ninja Parkour Slasher, Arrives Next Month

Ghostrunner, a Cyberpunk-Ninja Parkour Slasher, Arrives Next Month

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Players looking to live out their cyberpunk ninja parkour fantasies won't have to wait long to get their hands on Ghostrunner, and if they're on PC, they can try it even sooner. The game's trio of developers and pair of publishers have jointly revealed the game's October 27 launch date on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG), PS4, and Xbox One, and those who play on Steam can try a demo of it even sooner on September 29.

Ghostrunner earned acclaim earlier this year for a gameplay trailer showcasing the game's unique blend of an en vogue cyberpunk setting with first-person swordplay and parkour, giving the game a decidedly neon-lit, ultraviolent Mirror's Edge appeal. You can see it for yourself in this new trailer from the all-digital PAX 2020.

Players who wish to pre-order Ghostrunner can do so on their platform of choice. PS4 and PC players can get it ahead of launch for 20% off while Xbox players get a lesser discount at 10% off. Pre-ordering will also net you exclusive katanas for slicing fruit or whatever else you happen to come across in Ghostrunner.

The game's private beta will kick off in the weeks ahead, and players can apply for an invite now, understanding that space is limited and not all who apply may be selected. To apply, visit this link. The game will feature ray tracing and a synthwave soundtrack from musician Daniel Deluxe. It's now available for pre-orders ahead of the October 27 launch on most major platforms.


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