Xbox Is Getting a New Screenshot and Video Sharing App This Fall

Xbox Is Getting a New Screenshot and Video Sharing App This Fall

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It's long past time for Xbox to replace its abandoned Upload Studio app, and according to messages being sent to some users via Xbox Live, the green team is doing exactly that.

If you're on Xbox, check your messages and you may find the same message I did, hinting at an overhaul for the social aspects of Xbox's user experience to go along with that new designated Share button on the new controllers. 

"Thanks for playing on Xbox. This fall, we're replacing Upload Studio with a new share experience available via the Xbox app on mobile. You can still trim your game clips from the Capture & share tab in the console guide, and with the new experience on mobile it's simple to manage your uploaded captures and share them to popular social media sites."

Upload Studio has been the unfortunate go-to for Xbox players looking to edit and share clips and screenshots from their consoles. The app featured different interstitials and borders for players to decorate their content with, but it was never supported after the launch window. Browse the content there today and you'll still find the only options include things like fonts and screen wipes for games such as Sunset Overdrive and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

The "new share experience," while not yet revealed, is immediately promising due to how Xbox has focused on simplifying its user experience. The Game Pass app has been updated to allow players to remotely install games to their console, PC, or play immediately with cloud gaming, while the Xbox One family of devices and Xbox Series family of devices will share a user experience. Series X and Series S are backward compatible with Xbox One controllers as well, even as the new version will include some new features like an improved D-Pad, triggers, and that aforementioned share button.

We expect to hear more about the new social sharing app soon, especially now that the Xbox Series X and Series S are up for pre-orders around the world.

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