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Bright Memory Is The Latest Game to Join the Xbox Series X/S Launch Lineup

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The Xbox Series X/S launch lineup just got a bit bigger. Bright Memory, once a PC-exclusive,  is now heading to Xbox for the launch window and looking to be there on day one, November 10.

You wouldn't know it by looking at gameplay, but Bright Memory and its even prettier upcoming sequel Bright Memory Infinite are made by a single developer going by the studio name FYQD. The first-person shooter hybrid is described as a "high-octane, visually stunning" project where players "rack up combos slaying mythological demons." 

It's the kind of pitch that someone who doesn't play video games thinks of video games, and yet it's been a quiet hit for some time, gaining a lot of visibility when Bright memory Infinite appeared on Xbox's May games showcase. 

Bright Memory Infinite was envisioned as the next chapter in the early access game but grew and grew until it became a fully-fledged game on its own, and is now considered the "reimagined and complete Bright Memory, one which the developer always wanted to make." It will launch on Xbox and PC next year. You can see the previously released trailer for it here. Keeping in mind this was done by one person, it's just jaw-dropping, honestly.

The game joins another recently revealed title in the first-person horror Quantum Error as newly revealed Xbox Series games. Previously Quantum Error was announced just for PS5 with other platforms possibly coming later, but now it seems the game will launch on PS5 and Xbox Series simultaneously.

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