Grounded Gets a Halloween Update - And Ziplines Too

Grounded Gets a Halloween Update - And Ziplines Too

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Grounded continues to receive more content updates in Xbox Game Preview and Steam Early Access. The latest dresses up The Backyard for the spooky season. 

Jack-O-Lanterns can be found strewn about your expansive world to explore. While some of these new seasonal items are just for decoration, others are actually there for crafting. Others still are there for recreational purposes for you and your co-op survival squad to use when not being chased down by wolf spiders. 

For players looking for new ways to get around The Backyard, ziplines are also being introduced. Players can craft their own ziplines provided they have the right materials, with the chief ingredient, the Spinning Wheel, coming from dangerous spider webs. Careful out there.

Grounded is also being updated with localized text for several new languages, including French, Italian, German, and Spanish. More languages, albeit unspecified for now, are on the way, says Obsidian.

Grounded launched in early access at the end of July and has already received multiple content updates as well as smaller quality of life patches. The kid-friendlier survival game depicts a group of teens who get mysteriously shrunk down to a centimeter and must survive the suddenly harsh conditions of their own backyard, scavenging for water from puddles and food from dead bugs. 

Perhaps surprisingly, the game comes from Obsidian Entertainment, normally a team known for its hardcore RPGs. Grounded was the pet project of about a dozen developers at the team when Microsoft purchased the studio back in 2018, and so it became the first game from the team to be published by Xbox Game Studios, even as last year the team also put out The Outer Worlds, published by Private Division.

Because it's in early access, we don't have any reviews of the survival game just yet and the 1.0 launch that should bring many of them seems far off for now. Still, early impressions have been positive, with outlets tending to appreciate the game's survival mechanics in a world not seen before in the genre. 

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