Ooblets Gets Spooky with Nullwhere Update

Ooblets Gets Spooky with Nullwhere Update

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Ooblets is adorable, but this month it gets a little bit spooky too. In the game's 0.4 content update, Nullwhere is finally available for visitors, but hot air ballooners beware. 

There are new masked ooblets and other frightful friends waiting just beyond its gates. Nah, who are we kidding? This is Ooblets, not Silent Hill, but fans of the game who have been waiting for some Halloweenish decor will definitely want to check out the Nullwhere update all the same.

The update is free for all players and is largely focused on content rather than bugs, said the two-person team at Glumberland. Nullwhere introduces its own new storyline, characters, ooblets, crops and craftables. Despite a hectic last few months where the pair also just had their first baby, the team said in a blog post there's "still a lot more to do to get us to 1.0 so we’re excited to jump into what’s next."

Here’s what’s new in the 0.4 Nullwhere Update:

  • 75+ new lines of dialogue for townfolk (go talk to them!)
  • New visitable region: Nullwhere
  • 3 new crops: Dregplant, Freep, and Hyperglob
  • 9 new NPCs (not Badgetownsfolk though)
  • Nullwhere storyline with over 110 lines of dialogue
  • Uncommon and gleamy variations of Nullwhere ooblets now available to grow (and all Nullwhere native ooblets can now be found in-world)
  • New ooblet types: Namnam & Lickzer
  • New resource: Gembers
  • 4 new craftables: Gloombuns, Roast Dregs, Glob Blobs, Bread Sammy
  • 12 new item descriptions
  • 24 new ooblet moves
  • Potions?? [sic]

Other new items on the way in future updates include more clubhouse quests, a figurine reprinter, cases for all available ooblets, and on a technical level, widescreen support, which the team says is done but not yet tested.

As they're a two-person team managing an early access game, a global pandemic, and a newborn baby, the team said one last event may be coming in hot, while they also advocated for the efficacy of masks both as a disease-slower and a Halloween treat.

"We also wanted to do a small Halloween limited-time event that we might not get around to, but if we do it will come in a bit towards the end of the month. Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween month! And wear your masks (spooky or otherwise)!"

The Nullhwere update is now available for PC and Xbox players in early access.


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