Cult Remake XIII Details Weapons and Gadgets Ahead of November Launch

Cult Remake XIII Details Weapons and Gadgets Ahead of November Launch

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XIII, the conspiracy-driven thriller FPS first launched in 2013, is re-releasing soon as a remake, and whether you missed it way back then or are a long-time fan, you may learn a thing or two from the game's new trailer.

In this new trailer, the team at PlayMagic focuses on the different weapons and gadgets available to players in the cel-shaded shooter. Players can go into areas guns blazing, including a less-than-subtle bazooka, or they can try and stay in the shadows with things like throwing knives and silenced pistols. As for gadgets, the gamut of spy gear is on display, like a grappling hook, a lock pick, and a spy microphone to pick up sounds from afar. It's all on display here, so see for yourself.

The team is also excited to make it known that the game's original music and voice cast will be featured in the remake. If - like me - you missed the game the first time around nearly two decades ago, this synopsis from the team may get you caught up.

The country is still in shock after President Sheridan’s assassination.

You wake up injured and with amnesia on the shore of an east coast beach. The only clues about your identity are the number XIII tattooed on your collarbone and the key to a locker. Despite the memory loss, you realize not everything has been forgotten as you seem to have amazing reflexes comparable to a well-trained government agent. You will soon be on your way to uncover your past, discovering in the process your role in the murder of the US president and unveiling the most astonishing conspiracy in the country’s history.

Play as “XIII” – a man who has no memory about his identity – and try to find out the truth regarding the set up of a major conspiracy. Follow XIII in his search for his identity through a thrilling solo campaign and brutal online fights!

In 2003, this was akin to an explosive episode of 24, but in today's political climate, this wouldn't even make the front page, am I right? I'll be here all week. Tip your bartenders.

XIII launches on November 10 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. A Switch port is coming next year.

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