WWE 2K Battlegrounds Adds Goldberg, Batista, and More

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Adds Goldberg, Batista, and More

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In a mix of locked and unlocked roster updates, the WWE 2K Battlegrounds roster grows larger with a three-part update coming this month. On three separate November dates, new WWE superstars, both currently on the real-life roster and legends of years past, will hit the arcadey squared circle in what's meant to be the first of many roster updates for the game.

On Friday, November 6, four new WWE superstars will be added in Goldberg, Batista, and The Usos, Jey and Jimmy. The Samoan tag team will come unlocked immediately, while Goldberg and Batista can be unlocked via paid or free currency earned in-game.

Following that, on November 12, Ultimate Warrior will arrive as the next locked character, while the late Eddie Guerrero and Women's Division legend Lita will arrive totally unlocked right away.

The third and final update of November will come on November 18, bringing Ruby Riott unlocked right away, while Trish Stratus and Booker T will need to be unlocked via the same means as Goldberg and the others. 

Alongside those new superstars making their way into the arena, the assortment of arenas themselves will also grow, alongside more cosmetic items. This includes "arena customization items, including outfits, face paint, arena designs, color schemes and more."

The new superstars and items take the spotlight in this new trailer, if you're curious to see how the cartoonish proportions of WWE 2K Battlegrounds looks on Batista and others. 

WWE 2K Battlegrounds launched on September 18 to "Weak" reviews here on OpenCritic. Today it has a 59 average with just 13% of reviewers recommending the game for play. The game promises over 50 new superstars in the months ahead.


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