Kate Bishop Will Join Marvel's Avengers Next Month

Kate Bishop Will Join Marvel's Avengers Next Month

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We now know when Marvel's Avenger's first DLC character will release.

On the PlayStation Blog, it was announced that Kate Bishop will be coming to Marvel's Avengers on December 8th. When players take control of Kate, she will be looking for her former mentor, Cliff Barton, in her own story operation, Marvel's Avengers: Kate Bishop - Taking AIM. Along the way she will uncover a huge conspiracy involving the missing Nick Fury and a terrifyingly powerful new threat: the Super Adaptiod. 

Kate's playstyle will never keep the player in one place for long. She is equipped with repurposed AIM technology that allows her to teleport around her enemies. Her Blink Skills let her double jump, air dash, and traverse ledges through short-range teleportation. Kate will also be able to parry enemies with Quantum Shift, which teleports her away from the enemy and return behind them to strike. 

As a master archer, Kate has a number of bow Skills that players will be able to utilize. Her Razor Arrows can be fired in a rapid 3-shot combo, or fired with perfect timing for bonus damage. Kate's Scatter Shot Arrows allow her to fire multiple arrows at a time, which will be useful for crowd control or dealing damage to enemies up close. Explosive Arrows will be able to stagger enemies and break their defenses. Finally, Her Smoke Screen Arrows will do high stun damage to enemies inside the cloud of smoke. 

Kate's Support Heroic is Decoy, which spawns a holographic replica of herself that shoots off arrows of quantum energy at targets in order to distract them. Kate can use After Image to swap places with the decoy, or Self-Destruct to detonate the decoy. Warp Arrow, her Assault Heroic, will allow her to teleport over long distances while triggering a large explosion that lifts enemies into the air. Worm Hole is an upgrade for Warp Arrow that creates portals for allies to utilize to teleport around the battlefield with Kate. Her Ultimate Heroic, Quantum Overdrive, provides unlimited intrinsic energy, empowering her bow that will allow her to fire quantum energy arrows that will explode. 

The blog also announced that Cliff Barton will join Marvel's Avengers in early 2021. 

Marvel's Avengers is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. The game will come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S sometime next year. 

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