Hitman 3 Heads to China for New Location Reveal

Hitman 3 Heads to China for New Location Reveal

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Agent 47's flyer miles will be getting another boost come January. The globe-trotting assassin is set to once again span the globe for ne'er-do-wells viler than himself, with the latest location newly revealed in Hitman 3.

The sequel and intended trilogy closer will take Agent 47 to Chongqing, China. With rainy streets lit by neon signage, this transportation hub marks the titular Hitman's first time stepping foot in China since the series was softly rebooted in 2016. IO Interactive also says this locale serves as a great showpiece for the new-gen version of the proprietary Glacier engine, which brings enhancements to the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 versions of the game as compared to their last-gen counterparts.

On Xbox Series X and PS5, Hitman 3 will run at 4K and 60 frames per second with HDR support. New improvements to the tech both in-engine and in the new consoles means Hitman 3 levels can now house 300 NPCs in a single level, setting a new bar for the series' penchant for busy locations fit for hiding in plain sight.

All of this is on display in the new Hitman 3 "Under The Hood" trailer which you can see for yourself here.

These enhancements will retroactively apply to the levels from Hitman and Hitman 2, as well, and like before, any levels you already own will be available to you for free on Hitman 3. Who knew Hitman would end up one of the generation's best live-service games?

In other IO Interactive news, don't miss the reveal of Project 007, an all-new origin story for the timeless British spy. IO shared the game's first-ever trailer just last week.  

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