Stadia Launches Two New Exclusives, Announces a Third

Stadia Launches Two New Exclusives, Announces a Third

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Thunderful Games, which is a superteam comprised of Zoink Games and Image & Form, has announced an exclusive deal with Google Stadia that will see the team develop an exclusive game for Google's streaming platform.

Previous works from the teams before they merged together include the Steamworld series, which is already featured prominently on Stadia, as well as Zoink's titles like Stick It To The Man and Fe, the EA Original about saving an endangered forest and its inhabitants.

Klaus Lyngeled, Head of Development at Thunderful, spoke to how a Stadia game's workflow is especially pandemic-proof.

 "Having the game in the cloud makes it incredibly easy to test internally and externally, especially now that we’re all working from home during the pandemic. And since Stadia allows us to easily shift the gameplay experience from a computer to other supported devices, we can quickly see exactly what the final user will experience."

Lyngefeld added that he hopes to reveal more about this exclusive game in the early part of the new year. 

In other Stadia news, one of the platform's first-party studios debuted a new title as Splash Damage's Outcasters has launched on the platform. The multiplayer-only arcade shooter pits colorful and customizable avatars in labyrinthine arenas where they can curve bullets around corners to eliminate foes. It's available to all Stadia Pro users from launch and is sold for $19.99 otherwise.

Alongside that comes Submerged: Hidden Depths, a sequel to the 2015 adventure game and another Stadia exclusive. The combat-free exploration game has players traverse a flooded city while uncovering a mystery they never knew existed. 

Looking ahead, two more games have been announced for Stadia as projects "coming soon." The first is Journey to the Savage Planet, which launched elsewhere almost a year ago, right around the time Stadia acquired the team behind the game, Typhoon Studios. It arrives on Stadia as the Employee of the Month Edition with the base game, all additional content, plus exclusive extras like an enhanced photo mode, 60 FPS, visual refinements and updates, new in-game messages from Martin Tweed, and "fresh new [satirical] ads for fresh new products in our fictional future."

Lastly, Valkyria Chronicles 4: Complete Edition arrives on Stadia sometime in the future. You can see a new trailer for that below. 




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