Ooblets Gets a Snowy Winter Update

Ooblets Gets a Snowy Winter Update

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Ooblets, the farm sim that eschews all semblances of casual violence seen in its genremates, has received its second major update for the winter season, and another big update may not be far behind. 

Update 0.5 of the Epic Games Store/Xbox Early Access title is front and center celebrated by its addition of snowy weather - or "coldyrain" as it's called in the game's uniquely strange vocabulary. With coldyrain, plants may freeze and will need to be warmed with a Heater, or you can use Meltilizer, a cold-defying fertilizer to help keep your crops growing on schedule. Frozen crops won't die, but they'll remain frozen until the weather clears, which may be several days.

Glumberland, the two-person team behind the game, promises an increase of snowy weather for the next several weeks and through January, then they'll be dialing back those conditions to occur less frequently in the spring months thereafter. If you're among the Ooblets superfans, you may want to make sure you play during these snowy weeks ahead, as there's a new kind of Ooblet who can only be found in snowy weather. Their name is Wuddlin, and they resemble a penguin, of course.

In addition to all of that, other new toys and gear are coming along for the update. This includes a new heater/sprinkler hybrid system to heat and water your plants simultaneously, new Snowplop resources which are only found in the snow, and a recipe for Delislush, a new treabie you can craft once you have the recipe, which is found at the Wishywell. 

This 0.5 update was actually meant to include more, but as the new winter systems grew and grew, Glumberland said they decided to split up their full plans into two separate updates.

"For December, our plan was to do a big Wildlands update and possibly some small winter thingies if we had time. As we got further along in the design phase of everything, we realized the winter features we had come up with were becoming pretty substantial and a lot of fun, so we figured we'd make them a major release on their own. That's this! We're still hoping to release the Wildlands stuff later this month as a separate big update."

Ooblets update 0.5 is out now and free for both current platforms, Epic Games Store and Xbox. Go play in the coldyrain.

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