Surreal Indie Where The Heart Leads Features Dozens of Endings

Surreal Indie Where The Heart Leads Features Dozens of Endings

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Armature Studio, the team behind Xbox-exclusive ReCore, is going a totally different route with their next game, and now we have a better idea of when it's coming out. Where The Heart Leads was introduced during a PlayStation online showcase earlier this year. Back then, it was called Where The Heart Is, but with the slight name change comes a new trailer an even a release window. First, the trailer below.

The trailer highlights one of the game's strongest suits: player-driven action. Where The Heart Leads features more than 600,000 words in its script, equal to about five novels, and allows players the freedom to see many different permutations of the story across multiple playthroughs. Perhaps most impressively, the game includes dozens of endings and hundreds of outcomes along the way. "For many choices, a consequence" boasts the team behind the game.

Where The Heart Leads tells the story of artist Whit Anderson, who upon reflecting on his life from childhood through adolescense and adulthood and into old age, will allow players to shape the story he dwells on. Here's more from the team:

One stormy night, Whit Anderson attempts to save the family dog and tumbles down a mysterious sinkhole. Within, he finds a distorted reality and a wondrous, terrifying power to change his history by reaching back into the moments that defined his life. Guide Whit through his recollections, discovering whether the grass is greener and where you were always meant to be.

Where The Heart Leads will launch as a PlayStation exclusive. Designed for PS4 first and foremost, it will of course also play on PS5 via backward compatibility. It's on track to launch in Q2 2021, so sometime between April and June if the schedule keeps.

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