Black Panther and More Marvel Heroes Come to Fortnite

Black Panther and More Marvel Heroes Come to Fortnite

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The massive Marvel crossover season may be over, but the cosmetic items are still rolling into Fortnite. Three new Marvel characters are now available in the in-game store, though you can't get them with V-Bucks.

As they were teased way back in the middle of Season 4, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Taskmaster have all descended into the Fortnite item shop. Unlocking them will cost players $24.99 - V-Buck reserves won't do this time - and they come with a bounty of additional items and are not available individually right now. Each hero comes with at least one Back Bling and one Pickaxe, while Black Panther and Captain Marvel also include Gliders. Sorry, Taskmaster fans, no Glider for your eidetically-gifted villain. Black Panther and Captain Marvel also get secondary, animated style options included with their hero skins. Here's everything they come with.


  • Black Panther Outfit With Kinetically Charged Style
  • Vibranium Daggers Dual Pickaxe
  • Wakandan Skyrider Glider
  • King Cowl’s Back Bling With Kinetically Charged Variant Style


  • Captain Marvel Outfit With Empowered Variant Style
  • Alpha Staff Pickaxe
  • Power of Mar-Vell Glider
  • Kree Backplate Back Bling With Empowered Style


  • Taskmaster Outfit
  • Mimic Shield Back Bling
  • Copycat’s Sword Pickaxe

If that's not enough, the Marvel universe continues to bleed into the new season with a trio of Black Panther challenges. Players have three weeks to complete the quite simply list and unlock the free Wakandan Salute emote. You'll merely need to play 10 total matches, play in Duos or Squads five times, and outlast 500 opponents total across three weeks. These are the sort of challenges one could reasonably complete in a single session of about two hours, most likely.

The new licensed skins joins a very active parade of such cosmetics already this season. On top of the usual holiday-themed fare, we've also seen The Walking Dead's Daryl and Michonne, God of War's Kratos, and Halo's Master Chief  not to mention the IP law-skirting addition of an elf that looks suspiciously like Buddy from Jon Favreau's Christmas movie, Elf

As this season's story relates to a portal pulling in the multiverse's greatest "hunters," we can safely assume this new Marvel trio is not the end of the Fortnite crossover events. This is now basically the Funko Pop of video games, signing on the dotted line with any company holding the rights to a fandom willing to shell out to play as their favorite character.

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