Hotline Miami and More Highlight the First Stadia Pro Games of 2021

Hotline Miami and More Highlight the First Stadia Pro Games of 2021

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The latest games to join dozens more in the Stadia Pro lineup are now available. A new trio comes to Google's cloud-based platform, headlined by the beloved Hotline Miami. Joining the top-down action game will be the latest installment of surging racing series, F1 2020, as well as one of last year's under-the-radar indies, Ary and the Secret of Seasons.

Hotline Miami is a top-down action game soaked in equal parts neon and viscera. The wildly violent game is also no small task for players, challenging them with the constant onslaught of enemies whose blood players will spill rather liberally in a good run. Its original launch predates OpenCritic by a few years, but included as part of the Hotline Miami Collection with its sequel, the games earned a "Mighty" 84 with 100% of the 17 critics giving the collection a favorable review. For that reason, it's arguably the best new game hitting Stadia Pro.

However, if you're a racing fan, it's more likely you'll be excited by F1 2020. The F1 series has been gaining steam both critically and commercially, with real genre aficionados citing the most recent game as the best in the series. It sits today with a sterling 88, also a "Mighty" score on our scale, with 99% of the game's 93 critics recommending it for play.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons is the most obscure of the bunch, and doesn't quite have the critical reception to make up for its dim spotlight. This family-friendly platformer has a fun idea - change the seasons to solve puzzles - but critics have been harsh to it since it launched last year. Its current OpenCritic score sits at a dim 57 from 56 critics, with only one of every five recommending the game for play.

Looking a bit further ahead, Journey to the Savage Planet is also set to launch directly into Stadia Pro. It makes plenty of sense since the game's creators, Typhoon Studios, was purchased by Google just before the game's launch last January. Typhoon is now set to become one of the first-evet first-party studios for Stadia, under the Siadia Games and Entertainment banner.

Collectively, Stadia Pro members have access to over 30 games right now, including other games such as PUBG, Sniper Elite 4, Everspace, and Secret Neighbor.  

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