DC Universe Online Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

DC Universe Online Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

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DC Universe Online's 10th Anniversary celebration is going on now.

DC Universe Online is currently in the midst of celebrating its 10th anniversary. On the game's website, it was announced that players can receive free gifts from now until January 31st. All players who log-in by then will receive one free character advance to CR290. With their starter items, players will receive a gear suit with the new Restored Shim'Tar Regalia style. All players will also receive The Paradox Gazer combat pet, two new celebratory fireworks trinkets, and two new 10th anniversary emblems. 

DC Universe Online Members will also receive a few additional items. The items are the Anti Matter Neon Chroma Pack, Nth Metal totaling 220,000 Artifact XP, one Artifact Cache (players choose their Artifact), one set of Artifact Catalysts, 1 Nth Metal Detector, and four Seals of Preservation. The Member discount in the marketplace will also be increased from 10% to 20% for the duration of the event. 

It was also announced what players can expect from DC Universe Online in the coming months. The developers stated that the game's next episode is underway, and will be based off of the Flashpoint storyline. They will release more information in the coming months. They also announced that later this year they will be releasing the game on the PlayStation 5. The developers are also looking into how they can further bring graphical improvements to the game in order to keep up with modern hardware. When we get into the mid-year, there will be a focus on improving the game for new and returning players, to smooth out the rougher edges and better handle the massive amount of content that tends to accumulate in 10 years. It was also stated that there are plans for a special piece of content that some players have long been waiting for. 

DC Universe Online is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. 

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