New Pokémon Snap Now Has a Release Date

New Pokémon Snap Now Has a Release Date

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We now know when the latest Pokémon Snap title, New Pokémon Snap, will release.

A new trailer was released today for New Pokémon Snap. The trailer reveals that the game will release on April 30th for the Switch. The trailer also gives a good glimpse of the upcoming title. In it we see that the game will feature Pokémon from all of the different generations of titles, including Pokémon from Sword and Shield. It also shows that players will be exploring a variety of different areas. In the trailer, we see forests and deserts among other settings. The trailer shows that New Pokémon Snap will play like its predecessor, tasking players to take photos of Pokémon as they ride through the different areas in a pod. 

Nintendo has also opened up a website for New Pokémon Snap, giving us more details about the upcoming title. The game will feature over 200 different types of Pokémon. This includes Pokémon such as Grookey, Alolan Raichu, and Liepard. The game takes place on an entirely new region, entitled the Lental region. In Lental, Pokémon can be seen glowing. This is known as the Illumina phenomenon, which is unique to the new region. As players photograph Pokémon in the region, they will have to uncover the truth of the Illumina phenomenon. 

In the original Pokémon Snap, it was Professor Oak who evaluated your photos. New Pokémon Snap will feature a new professor: Professor Mirror. Professor Mirror will evaluate the photos that players take, scoring them by the subject's poses, how large they appear, how directly they are facing the player, and their placement within the frame. As players take photos and keep researching, they may get to see Pokémon look and behave in different ways than before. Players will be able to keep all of their best photos in the Photoset. 

New Pokémon Snap will release for the Nintendo Switch on April 30th. 

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