Enter The Gungeon and More Highlight Stadia Pro Games for February

Enter The Gungeon and More Highlight Stadia Pro Games for February

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The next wave of Stadia Pro games has been revealed, with three new games hitting the library on February 1 for all subscribers. The list for next month includes an indie game, a reimagined classic hero, and a game from a studio that now belongs to the Stadia family tree. Here's what to expect on February 1:

Enter The Gungeon, the roguelike bullet hell game makes its debut in Stadia Pro, joining around 30 other games beginning next week. The game currently has a rather glowing 84 average on OpenCritic, putting it just at the lower limit of our "Mighty" designation for the best-reviewed games on the site. Its sequel Exit The Gungeon didn't score as well, but Stadia Pro member needn't worry about that this month anyway.

Also hitting the subscription is Journey to the Savage Planet: Employee of the Month Edition. The debut game from Typhoon Studios launched about one year ago on other platforms just weeks after the studio was purchased Google to be folded into Stadia Games and Entertainment as a first-party studio. The team, led by former Ubisoft directors, now finally gets to launch its debut game on Stadia before its eventual follow-up becomes a Stadia exclusive in the years ahead. The Stadia edition of Savage Planet includes bonus content and plays in 60 frames per second.

Lastly, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light hits Stadia Pro. Yes, that Lara Croft. No , it's not your typical Tomb Raider experience. This was once an XBLA game and gave way to an eventual sequel, Temple of Osiris, also on Stadia. The first in a series of twin-stick puzzle action games, Guardian of Light is perhaps the best fit of all this month's offerings when it comes to screen versatility. It plays well on a phone or TV or anything in between quite well.

In addition to those new games hitting the subscription library, more games have come to Stadia in general, including Madden NFL 21, TOHU, Phoenix Point, and Gods Will Fall. While Madden and Phoenix Point make their debuts on Stadia after stints elsewhere, the other two games are launching across multiple platforms this week.

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