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Hitman 3 Roadmap Includes Featured Contracts from Gaming Podcasts

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Agent 47's globetrotting isn't over yet. IO Interactive has detailed the full February roadmap players can expect in Hitman 3 including new featured contracts from content creators in the community, a Deluxe Edition escalation, and a new elusive target on players' favorite map.

All through the month, Hitman 3 will receive new kinds of missions for players to embark on, and it all begins with The Baskerville Barney Escalation now available on all platforms and for all players. Escalation Contracts are missions with increasingly difficult stipulations. What may start as a mission to simply take out an NPC may soon grow into doing so with a specific weapon or in a specific disguise or taking out four other targets in the same attempt. 

On February 11, Dubai Featured Contracts are on the way from the MinnMax crew, a group of Patreon-supported Game Informer castaways who happen to have one of the world's biggest Hitman fans on their team, Leo Vader, former GI video editor. Vader's banana kill record in Hitman 3 had not yet been topped last we checked.

On February 18, a second new Escalation Contract arrives in the form of The Sinbad Stringent Escalation. Following that by a few days on February 23, the game will receive a title update alongside a host of new content. Kinda Funny, the team of mostly ex-IGN folks, will host their own Featured Contracts on Dartmoor, the Knives Out-inspired murder mystery level. Two more Escalations will also be included in this update: The Proloff Parable and The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalations.

From February 26 through March 8, the game's first Eluive Contract arrives. Elusive Contracts allow players to only try once to get the mission right and only within a set time. Miss the window or hit a game over and it's locked forever - though some have been known to return months or years later for the completionist.

This trailer highlights all of these new missions in closer detail.

Hitman 3 is available now on virtually every platform. It earned an 86 average on OpenCritic.

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