PixelJunk Raiders Launches Next Week Exclusively on Stadia

PixelJunk Raiders Launches Next Week Exclusively on Stadia

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PixelJunk is back with another entry in the long-running franchise, though this one is exclusive to Stadia and just around the corner. PixelJunk Raiders will launch exclusively on Google's cloud-based gaming platform on March 1. It will also be included as part of Stadia Pro, meaning subscribers can access the game on day one without the need to purchase the game.

For those who do not subscribe, the game will sell for $19.99. It's billed as a roguelike action-adventure game and is the latest game to use Stadia's unique State Share technology, which allows players to share a link to a game for other players to hop right in, similar to sharing a Google doc. 

State Share works in different ways with different games. For example, in Crayta, it's used for players to be able to share their user-generated levels with others for collaboration, testing, and playing. In the Hitman trilogy, players can share their own custom contracts, even giving players a peek at items they have yet to unlock themselves in their own saved games. It's not yet known how PixelJunk Raiders will use the feature.

PixelJunk Raiders joins three other games as the latest to arrive in the Stadia Pro library. The other new titles for March are:

  • Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle, a 64-player Pac-royale experience 
  • Reigns, the popular mobile title that gives players dominion over their own kingdom
  • Avicii Invector, a music and rhythm game starring the Swedish DJ

All of these games will join the lineup with over 20 others still available on March 1. As for new releases outside of Stadia Pro, indies Welcome to Elk and A Place for the Unwilling have hit the Stadia store as news games to -- well, I was going to say 'download' but that's not right. New games to play. Lastly, two games from the Shantae series,  Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition and Shantae: Risky’s Revenge have just arrived on Stadia as well.



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