Very Very Valet Is Overcooked But with Parking, and Coming to Switch In May

Very Very Valet Is Overcooked But with Parking, and Coming to Switch In May

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Very Very Valet is the latest in a long lineage of Overcooked-like games to launch, and players can look for it on Nintendo Switch later this spring. Just as Overcooked made a frantic party game out of working in a kitchen and games like Tools Up, Moving Out, and Get Packed did for various other physical labor jobs, Very Very Valet is turning working as a courtesy parking attendant into the next hair-pullingly fun co-op game.

Very Very Valet supports couch co-op for up to four players and will launch with more than 20 levels, surely getting progressively more difficult and absurd. Players can "help each other and hitch a ride, or cause chaos launching fellow valets wildly." That sounds kind of like how my son just sets kitchens on fire in Overcooked, he'll be thrilled to know he can sabotage me with cars too.

Publisher Nighthawk Interactive says the game has an easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-master control scheme, which allows anyone to "quickly become a valet, with plenty of hidden techniques for mastering valet moves and cornering the market." Levels will take players to parking lots, but also bowling alleys, cliffsides, airports, trainyards, and more.

The game will launch first on Switch and is scheduled to do so on May 25. It's likely to come to other platforms eventually, and we've reached out with the team to confirm this. We'll update if we hear anything.

For physical media fans, the game has now been confirmed to arrive in retail stores in addition to the Nintendo eShop. Players can find it for $29.99 and the physical version includes an exclusive playable valet for use in-game. Check out the physical release announcement trailer below. 

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