Techland Says Dying Light 2 Is Coming This Year

Techland Says Dying Light 2 Is Coming This Year

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Techland has taken to YouTube to once more reassure fans that Dying Light 2 is still in development and says it will arrive in 2021, though the team still can't be more specific than that. 

In a somewhat humorous video update that Techland promised last week, several developers read off tweets from some passionate, some impatient, and some borderline toxic fans. All of them were expressing a similar sentiment: where is Dying Light 2? After a minute of that, the team gathers to speak directly to those fans and many more like them, wondering where the game has been since its reveal in 2018.

In the time since then, the development team has shown off gameplay to the press in 2019 before burying their heads at the Polish studio for much of the time thereafter. In the past year, the team has faced accusations of a toxic work environment not once, but twice, including one instance where the team parted ways with then writer on the project, Chris Avellone, who in 2018 was marketed as a huge name attached to the project. Avellone brought a background in beloved RPGs such as Fallout: New Vegas, but stepped away from Dying Light 2 following credible accusations that he had acted inappropriately toward women in his personal life.

Now the team has resurfaced to ask fans to be patient just a while longer. And though they do not give a specific release date, the video ends with "2021" on the screen, indicating Techland at least feels confident enough to give the game a launch window. 

Just last week, Techland admitted it had announced Dying Light 2 too soon. It's interesting to see how short a marketing window has become for many games since 2018. It's as though Dying Light 2 was among the last of an outgoing pattern. Now games are given short marketing run-ups, sometimes as little as just five or six months, before they launch. That's not likely to change anytime soon with the pandemic constantly moving the goalposts on teams' designed marketing campaigns. Hopefully for Dying Light 2 and its fans, this really is the year it all comes together.



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