Monster Hunter Rise's Review Embargo Lifts Tomorrow Morning

Monster Hunter Rise's Review Embargo Lifts Tomorrow Morning

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We now know when the review embargo for Monster Hunter Rise will lift. 

It has been announced when we can expect to see what critics think of Monster Hunter Rise. The review embargo for the game drops tomorrow, March 23rd. This is three days before the game comes out, which is on the 26th. Stay tuned to OpenCritic to see what reviewers think of the latest entry of the famed Monster Hunter series, and what rating it receives from us. 

Monster Hunter Rise will release for the Nintendo Switch. It will feature robust multiplayer features, and will let gamers play with each other anywhere they go due to the console's portability. The game will feature adaptive difficulty, with the game getting harder or easier depending on how many players are taking on a quest, and changing depending on whether or not players join or leave. Rise will have a new feature called Hunter Connect, which lets gamers set tags to match with other players. Gamers can make lobbies that can only be found by others using the same Hunter Connect. Players can use this feature to help them find others who have the same objective and playstyle as them. When a quest is completed in multiplayer, gamers will be able to use the Like system, sending Likes to those who they partner with. If two players send a Like to each other, they will become Mutual Likes, and will be able to find each other again to pair up in later quests. 

Monster Hunter Rise will feature the Wirebug, which will grant them new actions. Gamers will be able to pull off midair dashes, allowing them to move through the air. The dash can be chained into attacks and aerial dodges in battle. The Wirebug also lets players perform wall runs, as well as wirefalls, which allow gamers to regain their footing quickly after they are pushed over or knocked back. The Wirebug also grants players access to the Wyvern Riding feature. This allows players to bind monsters and control them. Players will have access to a number of actions while riding a monster, can shrug off attacks, and can launch the monster they are controlling forward. Finally, gamers will be able to perform Mounted Punishers after filling up their Wyvern Riding Gauge. Each monster will have its own Mounted Punisher. 

Monster Hunter Rise will be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 26th. The game will come to PC in early 2022. 

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