Pac-Man 99 Is a New Switch-Exclusive Battle Royale

Pac-Man 99 Is a New Switch-Exclusive Battle Royale

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Pac-Man 99 has been revealed and released in one swift action by Nintendo and Bandai Namco, as the game is now available for all Switch Online members.

The idea is likely familiar by now. It's much of the classic game you may recall and enjoy, now played online with dozens of others in rounds that determine who will be the last (pac)man standing. It comes just days after Super Mario Bros. 35, which used a similar approach to 2D Mario games, was removed from the Switch online services, apparently permanently.

It's also quite like Tetris 99, which was the first such example of a retro game getting a battle royale makeover free for players on Switch with an active online subscription. Remarkably, Pac-Man 99 marks the third Pac-Man battle royale game, following Apple Arcade's Pac-Man Party Royale as well as Stadia's exclusive Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle 64

Each game is built on similar principles, though each has its own spin on the classic gameplay, like the iOS version featuring an ever-shrinking map just like PUBG or Fortnite

Pac-Man 99 is available right now and does not seem to include an expiration date, which should mean it sticks around like Tetris 99 rather than exits on a predetermined date like Mario (RIP).


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