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Hitman 3 April Roadmap Includes More Contracts from YouTubers

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Agent 47 is broadening his circle of trust, letting in new gaming outlets to work out contracts for the hired gun(/knife/fire extinguisher/rubber duck bomber). The Hitman 3 April roadmap includes new Featured Contracts from content creators Achievement Hunter and Two Angry Gamers, on top of a new elusive target and more.

For those who are still in the Easter spirit, the Berlin Egg Hunt continues for a few more days through April 12. At the end of this week, the month's new Elusive Target arrives in the Knives Out homage level, Dartmoor. Players will be able to hunt down The Collector starting on April 9 and until April 19. Remember that Elusive Targets can only be attempted once, so it may be worth playing a few practice runs on the level to learn the map if you haven't yet. IO Interactive revels in making these missions some of the game's hardest.

On April 15, new Featured Contracts come to Dartmoor and Dubai courtesy of the folks at Two Angry Gamers. On April 23, the second Elusive Target of the month arrives in Hawke's Bay, which should be fascinating. One would think such a small level by comparison to the rest would make it an easier mission for players, so we can safely assume IO will instead crank the difficulty to 11 like never before. The Politician will be in the game and waiting to die until May 3.

A new Escalation Contract, The Jinzhen Incident, arrives on April 29, though the team did not specify on which level players can test their skills for this one. Looking into May, Achievement Hunter will provide three Featured Contracts across Mendoza, Chongqing, and Berlin.

IO is calling this The Season of Greed as it coincides with the first of its Seven Deadly Sins DLC chapters, now available for $5 individually or as a complete buy-six-get-one-free $30 package.

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