Temtem's Next Update Adds the Island of Cipanku

Temtem's Next Update Adds the Island of Cipanku

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The next major Temtem update will drop soon.

On the PlayStation Blog, it was revealed that Temtem's next big update will drop on April 13th. This will be the first big update for the PlayStation 5 version of the game. The biggest aspect of the update is the addition of a new island: Cipanku. Cipanku will be a Digital and Electric themed island, and will be the first to house Digital Temtem. The new Digital Tems will come with their own new and exclusive Traits and Techniques, and will be the first type to be weak against themselves. Digital Tems will be strong against Mental, Melee, and Digital types, and will be weak against Water, Electric, and Digital types. They will be resistant to the Toxic type. 

Temtem's next update will also add Mythical Temtem. The update will also add a way to reach them: Lairs. Lairs are a group activity where three to five players progress through their own paths in order to get a chance at catching the Mythical Tem. Even though each players will receive a different randomly generated path, all resources are shared. Resource management will be the key to success in reaching the Mythical Tem. Lairs can be re-done as many times as needed until they are complete. 

The Temtem update will also add a player requested feature: fast travel. After completing a side quest in the city of Neoedo, players will unlock a teleportation system. Through the system, gamers can pay a fee that will let them travel instantly from many different hotspots around the game's world. While there will usually be a fee to teleport, players can teleport to any Narwhal airport for free. 

Temtem is available now for PC and PlayStation 5. The game will make its way to the Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. 

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