Early Access for Open-World Zombie Game Dead Matter Delayed To 2022

Early Access for Open-World Zombie Game Dead Matter Delayed To 2022

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Dead Matter is hoping to be the next breakout zombie survival game in the vein of DayZ, maybe even overtaking it as the go-to in the genre, but players will need to wait a bit longer to judge it for themselves.

Dead Matter Early Access was planned for sometime in 2021, but has now been pushed back by the development team, citing the game's need for much more polish. Version 0.7 is the intended target but Quantum Integrity, or Qi Software as the team is sometimes known, says this next phase of development is a "huge undertaking" that has forced them to re-evaluate the timeline.

"It’s no secret that the closed alpha needs a lot of work. While we’re currently plugging away at that in pursuit of 0.7.0, a single patch, no matter how comprehensive, isn’t going to bring the game up to our standards. We’ve been looking at the timelines of the work we have underway on 0.7.0, as well as the work that will need to be done for later patches, and have come to a simple conclusion: Dead Matter’s early access launch will need to be pushed back to 2022."

The game is currently available to be played by only small run of initial crowdfunding backers and no more access, to neither fans nor press, will be available until the Early Access launch, so this delay means the pool of players already playing will not grow for at least the next several months and not before sometime in 2022.

"We know many of you have been eager to play Dead Matter as soon as possible and will likely be disappointed by this news," said the team in a lengthy blog post, "but we hope that giving you this update sooner rather than later shows that we’re continuing our transparent development process and not blindsiding you last minute. We’re thinking long term and aiming for the best Dead Matter experience possible."

The team seems intent on continuing to deliver weekly updates, but wanted to set expectations straight well ahead of time. Dead Matter will hit Steam in 2022.

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