Aliens: Fireteam Gets A Prequel Novel

Aliens: Fireteam Gets A Prequel Novel

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Ahead of this year's launch of Aliens: Fireteam, the story universe is getting a prequel novel which will lead directly into the game. The book, Aliens Infiltrator, launches today and according to the founder of Cold Iron Studios, the team behind the upcoming co-op shooter, it will introduce "some great new characters and new nightmares."

The novel is written by Weston Ochse, a veteran of both the Alien and Predator series, having written a book for each franchise on top of more than a dozen other books focusing on military fiction, including some more that blend sci-fi and horror elements.

 The book's plot is described as follows:

The official prequel to the new Alien video game from Cold Iron Studios. Dr. Timothy Hoenikker arrives on Pala Station, a Weyland-Yutani facility. Lured there by the promise of alien artifacts, instead he finds a warped bureaucracy and staff of misfits testing the effects of Xenomorph bio-materials on living creatures. Unbeknownst to the personnel, however, there is an infiltrator among them whose actions could spell disaster.
Also on staff is Victor Rawlings, a former marine who gathers together other veterans to prepare for the worst. As Pala Station receives a delivery of alien eggs, the experiments spin out of control, and only the former Colonial Marines stand between the humans and certain death.

Aliens: Fireteam was revealed earlier this year as a three-player co-op survival shooter that pits players against different types of xenomoprhs as well as other horrors from the franchise such as Weyland-Yutani synthetics and facehuggers. It's the first mainline entry in the series since 2014's Alien Isolation, which took a more survival horror approach. Without an exact release date, Aliens: Isolation is currently marked for launch in 2021.

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