RAGE 2 gameplay shown in depth, with a massive open chaotic world

RAGE 2 gameplay shown in depth, with a massive open chaotic world

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We got a good deal more detail on Rage 2 at the Bethesda E3 2018 press conference. 

The sequel as a collab between Avalanche and id Software came out with Andrew WK surprise-rocking the faces off the people in attendance. The song from the live actions trailer was an Andrew WK song, and he played it live on stage. Then they got to the meat of the game. (Don't be mad, WK rules, but the games are what we're here for.)

Tim Willits (id) and Magnus Nedfors (Avalanche) took the stage to tell about the game's systems and open world chaos. Hence, Avalanche Studios being tapped to help out. Distopian future, no society, just tribes.

You play Walker, the last Ranger (not Texas). 80% of the Earth's population is gone thanks to the asteroid. Walker was born there, an orphan of the wasteland. Hate, fear, and "rage" are all that's left. Pre-alpha footage was shown, looking really good, with a shattered moon in the distance. If you see a car, you can drive it. As long as it's functional. The demo showed off the kind of badass car combat that was well received in Mad Max, as Walker then hopped out and went right into a bandit-controlled Goon Squad space center.

Awesome weapons, explosions, mayhem, physics, boomerangs, neon colors, and more. It seemed to play a lot like RAGE 1, amped to 11. So basically, like Wolfenstein 2 in a huge Mad Max-styled world. Definitely something to be excited for if you like shooters.

Nanotrite powers give you superhuman skills, basically making you into a killing machine as you collect them from the space drones that you call down. Of course, there are plenty of massive mutants to fight too. The collector's edition and more are on sale now HERE.

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