Arrr Ya Ready, Kids? No Says Ubisoft, Delaying Skull & Bones Once More

Arrr Ya Ready, Kids? No Says Ubisoft, Delaying Skull & Bones Once More

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Ubisoft had its investor meeting today, during which time it revealed that Skull & Bones would once again miss another calendar year. In spite of that apparently doomed production, Ubisoft execs say they believe in the game.

"We strongly believe in the team’s creative vision and they have been given an increasingly ambitious mandate for the game,” said CFO Frédérick Duguet. “Production led by [Ubisoft] Singapore has been advancing well over the past 12 months and the promise is better than ever. The additional time will allow the team to fully deliver on its vision."

“The Singapore studio has been developing for a long time a big part of the Assassin’s Creed franchise so it’s a really good studio," added CEO Yves Guillemot. “What we have been doing to make sure they could really come strongly with Skull & Bones is we increased the associate studios that are working with them at the moment, so there’s a good and big team now working on the game and the last twelve months have really been good in terms of the way things were coming along, so we are confident they can really bring something really exceptional for the market."

While Ubisoft had to bear the bad news regarding its pirate game once again, the publisher did remind investors of the rosy outlook for its other games, including Far Cry 6 and the project formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine. That one may have received a name change due to its allusions of our real-world pandemic, but according to Ubisoft, both games will be out before September. 

Following those, the team also has Riders Republic and Roller Champions preparing for launch within the next year, alongside the newly revealed The Division Heartland. Ubisoft said it will look into building out more high-end free-to-play games for players, which is what something like The Division Heartland will be a test-case for, internally anyway. Outside of the Ubisoft family, we already know games can thrive with such an economy, with games like Fortnite and Call of Duty Warzone consistently being the most-played games of any week.

Footnote: Ubisoft did not reveal another Splinter Cell game.

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