Dying Light 2 AMA Series Gives Insight Into Long In-Development Game

Dying Light 2 AMA Series Gives Insight Into Long In-Development Game

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Dying Light 2 has earned a reputation for being a troubled project, or at least it appears that way from the outside. But on the game's social channels, diehard fans are staying tuned into the project while it nears its 2021 launch.

A new series of Ask Me Anything, or AMA, videos on YouTube, have the team answering questions from the community with a depth you don't tend to get from one-off trailers, presentations, or even developer diaries. They aren't live, so Techland is still free to curate the questions it chooses to answer, but for the biggest fans of the series, the fledgling video series has provided more insight into the game.

In the latest episode, the second of an ongoing series, Dying Light 2's Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala fielded questions about the game's setting, romance options, and teased fans about which ending of The Following expansion is the canon ending.

Smektala confirmed the game will nto have traditional romance options "like in BioWare's games, for example," because that's not the team's intent with this game, but did say there will be romantic angles to the story, much like we saw in the first game between protagonist Kyle Crane and his ally Jade. 

As for which ending is canon in the game's multiple choice DLC, Smektala said "it's still a little bit too early" to reveal it all, but that "the events in Dying Light 2[...]are very strongly connected with what happened in the first game."

Smektala also spoke of whether players can sit proverbially on the fence with regard to the overarching power struggle in the game. It was previously revealed that players could shape the world of Dying Light 2 by making choices that ripple out and affect the story, but what about if players chose to side with no one? "If you have no allies, you basically die very quickly," Smektala said, confirming that players will be forced to pick a side at various points. "We also want you to make a statement., so a lone wolf option is not available." More questions and answers can be seen in the game's video below. 

It's been a tumultuous period for Dying Light 2. First revealed three years ago, it's been delayed several times and now is routinely met with skepticism from some of the fans on the fringe. But for the diehards, these direct commiunications provide valuable insight into a game they're passionate about. Let's just hope for everyone's sake, the game can eventually deliver on that enthusiasm. Dying Light 2 is currently booked for 2021.

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