Mass Effect's Normandy Spaceship Arrives In No Man's Sky For A Limited Time

Mass Effect's Normandy Spaceship Arrives In No Man's Sky For A Limited Time

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While millions were celebrating the launch of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the No Man's Sky was hard at work on implementing an easter egg in the game for fans to find. The first reveal has now arrived, and more fans can get in on the limited-time quest right now.

A mysterious in-game quest appeared last week promising unknown rewards, and today, the first players eligible to complete it have uncovered its secrets. As the Normandy zooms into the sky in this trailer, you can see for yourself what the event looks like in-game.

The Beachhead Expedition is the in-game task players will want to complete in order to unlock the Normandy permanently for use in their saved game. Expeditions are the live-service angle of No Man's Sky and round up many players to the same planet at once for some space-faring shenanigans. In the Beachhead Expedition, whose name in hindsight does hint at the Normandy quite cleverly, players must work together to get to the end following in-game cues and likely the directions of more seasoned players.

As soon as an iteration is complete, players will find the Normandy park itself in space above the planet. From there, players can fly up to it, head inside, and explore the Normandy in a different game for the first time ever. Some of the iconic interiors, like the galaxy map, have been remade in Hello Games' infinite space adventure game. Players who complete the Beachhead Expedition this week can add the Normandy to their frigate permanently, but only this week. Fans of either game may want to jump in soon to take advantage of the easter egg while it's available.


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