The Medium Comes To PS5 This September

The Medium Comes To PS5 This September

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The Medium, Bloober Team's third-person horror game from earlier this year, is making its way to PS5 on September 3. The game launched as a timed exclusive on Xbox Series X|S back in January, and now finally comes to a new console platform at the tail-end of the summer.

The central selling point of The Medium is its Dual Reality gameplay, which allows players to traverse two versions of the game's setting the natural world and an ethereal realm accessible only to some people, such as the game's protagonist Marianne. The game's use of doubling the rendered environment is said to be too taxing for last-gen consoles, so it has never and likely will never appear on Xbox One or PS5, though it's also available on PC. You can watch a PS5 reveal trailer for the game here, featuring some of the game's more glowing accolades.

Critics were mixed on The Medium, ultimately giving it a still "Strong" score of 75 on OpenCritic, though that figure seems a bit top-heavy when you also consider its 63% recommendation rating, meaning about one out of every three critics didn't like the game much.

Those who praised it often did so for the interesting Dual Reality presentation, a strong story, and great music composed in part by longtime Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka. Meanwhile, critics who came down more harshly on the game felt it lacked much purpose in its gameplay, which has been something of a running theme for Bloober Team games. They tend to play more as adventure-horrors rather than survival-horrors, which has alienated some genre fans.

We'll have to wait and see how the PS5 crowd receives the game, be it warmly or otherwise. The Medium hits PS5 on September 3.

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