Knockout City's Heatwave Event Starts Soon

Knockout City's Heatwave Event Starts Soon

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A summer event is coming to Knockout City.

It has been announced that Knockout City will be holding a summer event next week. During GameSpot's Play For All live stream, it was announced that the dodgeball title will be holding the Heatwave event soon (via GameSpot). The event will begin on June 22nd, and will run through July 5th. During the event, players will be able to earn items by collecting Ice Pops that have been hidden throughout matches. Items that can be unlocked include an Ice Cream Truck glider and an intro-pose that has player's characters lounge in a beach chair. Gamers can also earn Heatwave tickets by playing. These tickets can be used in the Heatwave Event shop. Anyone who completes all of the event's contracts can unlock a Legendary Ultimate Hologram, the Fire Hydrant.

During the Heatwave event, there will be two new playlists in Knockout City. On June 22nd, there will be the Party Face-Off playlist, and the Triple Team Chaos playlist on June 29th. Party Face-Off will add all special balls into the normal 1v1 setup. Triple Team Chaos will put three teams of two into a free for all, with the first team to reach 15 KOs taking home the victory. 

Knockout City has become quite the success since it launched. Earlier this month it was announced that the game had reached over five million players. Players are able to try out the game for free up to Street Rank 25 before they have to purchase the game. According to developer Velan Studios, this allows gamers to have enough game time to teach them how to play. Any progress earned during the free trial will be transferred if the game is purchased. Gamers will also be able to try out League Play once they reach Street Rank 10. 

Knockout City is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. 

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