Scarlet Nexus Review Embargo Details

Scarlet Nexus Review Embargo Details

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Scarlet Nexus launches this week, which means Scarlet Nexus reviews aren't far off either. Here's when to expect OpenCritic to share reviews from Bandai Namco's internally produced anime action game.

The review embargo for Scarlet Nexus ends on June 23 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM PT. At that time, we expect dozens of reviews to begin to appear on OpenCritic, helping establish an early consensus on the game and forming an OpenCritic aggregate score. This is a brand new IP and comes from a team that seems to have equal amounts of hits and misses, so we are just as curious as fans and onlookers regarding how Scarlet Nexus will be received by critics in the days and weeks ahead.

The 2021 release slate has yet to give us a game staying in the 90+ range, with Chicory: A Colorful Tale and Rachet and Clank: Rift Apart both sitting at the top with 89 averages. Could Scarlet Nexus break the barrier? 

Mitchell Saltzman of IGN called it a blend of character action and JRPG: 

Scarlet Nexus surprised me with a style of combat that was both fast-paced and deliberate, while also still managing to combine that with an endearing cast of characters that already had me invested in their relationships and struggles even in just the four hours that I got to play. Add on top of that a unique “Brainpunk” aesthetic and the core mechanic of being able to throw cars at your enemies, and Scarlet Nexus is standing out in all of the right ways.

Zachary Cuevas of Windows Central echoed similar thoughts:

As a new, untested IP, Scarlet Nexus attempts to blend fast-paced action with story and style in an attempt to stand out in an ocean of JRPGs. Whether it can pull off that feat remains to be seen, but there is no denying the potential there.

Just Lunning of Inverse liked it as well, though wondered if the game is properly balanced:

Inverse was given access to a preview presentation of Scarlet Nexus that lasted a little under an hour. The event included a 30-minute behind-the-scenes video and a 16-minute demo. Overall, the game looks stunning with excellent design and a lot of interesting stylistic choices, but the game looks like it may be too easy for such an apocalyptic set-up.

Meanwhile, Emma Kent of Eurogamer wasn't quite as glowing in her early assessment ahead of the game's ongoing review period:

Yet after playing the preview build for four hours, I've found Scarlet Nexus's combat to be chaotic at best, irritating at worst. Generally speaking, the combat just feels a bit woolly. Which is unfortunate, considering it's the main focus of the game.

Thus far, it seems like early hands-on previews were slanted toward optimism, but not unanimously. You can get your score predictions in on the game's official page here on OpenCritic. Check back here later this week when Scarlet Nexus reviews appear online on June 23 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET and see if this summer release can bring you some sunshine.



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