These Two Australian Brothers Want To Turn Your Xbox Series S Into a Laptop

These Two Australian Brothers Want To Turn Your Xbox Series S Into a Laptop

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If ever you thought, "wow, the Xbox Series S is so small, I could practically take it anywhere." you're in luck. A new Kickstarter project intends to maximize the console's portability with a new detachable screen. The xScreen comes from UPspec Gaming, a pair of brothers based out of Australia, who hope to bring the form factor of a laptop to the smallest Xbox ever made.

Anywhere there is a power outlet can become a place to play Xbox. That's the idea, anyway. The pair hope to have the xScreen Kickstarter up and running within the next two weeks. The team said the detachable white monitor "perfectly complements the stunning aesthetic of the Xbox Series S to create a single cohesive unit." You can see for yourself in this YouTube video for the device.

The xScreen uses a patent-pending attachment system which allows the sleek white monitor to latch onto the Series S and even close just like a laptop. The team has stressed that a power outlet is still needed, however, citing a tremendous power draw required by the machine. In a public test, the team demonstrated that even the largest portable battery allowed on airplanes only provides about 42 minutes of battery life. Therefore, the machine will need to be plugged in, and is designed as a couch co-op second screen for players who might otherwise be left out of the action.

The display is 11.6 inches in size and outputs in 1080p at 60Hz, which tends to be the max for most Series S games anyway. Combined with the console, the unit only weighs 5.8 lbs. when in use, which makes it a bit heavier than most laptops. it also includes onboard volume and brightness controls. 

Early bird discounts for the device sold out at $159, while a second tier of early discounts is now available at $189. When the Kickstarter launches, the xScreen will go for $249, with other packages to be announced when the campaign is live. You can follow the xScreen team on Twitter to watch for when that Kickstarter goes live in the next week or two, according to the team.


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