This Week's Free Play Days Event Features For Honor

This Week's Free Play Days Event Features For Honor

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This week's Free Play Days event will feature three games. 

On the Xbox Wire, these weekend's Free Play Days titles were announced. Three games will be free for Xbox gamers to play. The games will be available through July 18th. The first title is For Honor. In For Honor, players will mix speed, strategy, and team-play across several multiplayer modes. They will be able to control their favorite warriors, including Knights, Vikings, Samurai, or the vengeful Wu Lin. Gamers will master the Art of Battle combat system and guide their armies to victory. 

The second game available this weekend is The Survivalists. In The Survivalists, players will enter a living world full of secrets, surprises, and danger in an adventure-filled survival sandbox based in The Escapists universe. Gamers will bolster their character with trinkets that suit their playstyle, from burning damage and death bombs, to shield and damage reduction. Players will also be able to try out the free Expeditions Update, which includes more features and changes for them to discover. 

The final game that will be free this weekend is Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD. In Banana Blitz HD, players will roll into the fantastical world of Super Monkey Ball in order to take their bananas back from the diabolical Captain Crabuchin. Gamers will be able top race through over 100 colorful stages and take on family and friends in a number of party games. They can also try out the Time Attack mode or the challenging Decathlon endurance run. 

Those who wish to continue playing these three games after the weekend may do so at a discount. Any Gamerscore or achievements earned will carry over, as well as any purchased DLC. 

Those who are subscribed to either Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can try out free games on a regular basis through the Free Play Days events. 

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