Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's Ratchet & Clank Event Has Begun

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's Ratchet & Clank Event Has Begun

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's Ratchet & Clank event has begun.

The Ratchet & Clank event in Fall Guys has begun. The event will take place over a few weeks, and will allow players to earn a number of items based off of the PlayStation series. On Twitter, it was revealed that gamers have to complete a number of challenges in order to earn points. Challenges include diving 30 times, qualify from Survival Rounds four times, and more. As players earn more points, they will unlock more items. 

On the Fall Guys website, it was revealed what gamers can earn during the Ratchet & Clank event. From today to August 1st, players can receive a number of Ratchet themed items. These items and their required points include:

  • Ratchet Banner - 300 points
  • Ratchet Color - 600 points
  • Lombax Pattern - 800 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Lower) - 1,400 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Upper) - 1,600 points
  • Groovitron Emote - 2,000 points

Starting on August 6th, players will be able to earn Clank themed items. They will have until August 15th to do so. The items and the points required to unlock them can be seen below:

  • Clank Banner - 300 points
  • Clank Color - 600 points
  • Clank Pattern - 800 points
  • Clank Costume (Lower) - 1,400 points
  • Clank Costume (Upper) - 1,600 points
  • Clank's Laugh Emote - 2,000 points

Those who are able to complete both portions of the event will earn themselves a special Rivet banner. 

Fall Guys' fifth Season began last week. The Season is jungle themed. It introduced six new rounds to the game, and over 20 new costumes. This includes a hippo, pirates, elephant, and divers. Five new obstacles for gamers to avoid were also introduced. There also now Squads in the form of Duos and Trios, as well as a number of improvements and bug fixes. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now for PC and PlayStation 4. The game is coming to Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. 

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