Knockout City Will be Holding a Superpowered Event Soon

Knockout City Will be Holding a Superpowered Event Soon

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A new event is coming to Knockout City that will grant players superpowers. 

It has been announced that a superpowered event is coming to Knockout City (via GameSpot). The event is called Heroes, and will begin on August 24th. A new trailer was released for Heroes, which can be seen here. It was not stated when the event would end. Heroes will add a special limited-time playlist called Superpowers. In this playlist, gamers will receive a random superpower every time they respawn. There will also be new contracts and event-themed items in the in-game shop. The seven superpowers that players can receive can be seen below:

  • Tackle Strike: Lets players tackle their opponents to deal damage
  • Double Jump: Gives gamers a second jump
  • X-Ray Vision: Allows players to see and target opponents through walls
  • Charge-Up: Grants extra overcharge from catches and passes
  • Healing Powers: Heals a player's hearts over time
  • Strength: Allows gamers to pick up others by dodging into them
  • Ballform Bounce: While a player is in ball form, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw them

Knockout City is currently in the midst of its second Season. Season 2 added a new ball, new contracts, a new map, new playlists, and a new Season theme. The Season also added the Daily Login Bonus. This is a random reward that gamers receive every time they play, and includes Style Chips, Holobux, and Energy Drinks. Two more Season are on the way for Knockout City. Season 3 will start this fall, while Season 4 will begin in winter. Each Season will last nine weeks. 

Knockout City is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch. The game is free-to-play up to Street Rank 25. It also supports cross-play and cross-progression between all platforms. 

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